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Founded in 1997, Bio-Fix is an incorporated company and 100% Canadian, dedicated to provide expert high quality medical engineering to public health services as well as private companies. Bio-Fix specializes in, but not limited to, cardiac, respiratory and neurological equipment. Our specialists have academic training and clinical experience needed to install, maintain and repair medical equipment and to properly train users. Our technicians trained by the manufacturers, provide our clients with prompt after sales and reliable service. In sum, Bio-Fix is the solution for the complete management of your medical equipment fleet.

Our non-binding services contracts, our quality of service and service value make us a leader in medical engineering.

Bio-Fix Medical Technologist

With over 29 years of experience in the medical field, including 18 years in biomedical engineering for the Canadian army, André Abran, the director of Bio-Fix and leader of his team, are known in the medical field as the top in their field. With the past in the Canadian Forces and private sector as a biomedical technologist, they have the experience and expertise required to excel in the field of maintenance and repair of all medical equipment.

Com-Fix Information Systems

With over 20 years experience in Information systems and information technology in system architecture, system engineering, R&D and data telecommunication, Richard Bourassa, director of Com-Fix and team leader, has gained an expertise in what client need and can translate those needs to productive information systems and software that are simple to use in respect to the company workflow model.  Working with client such as Suncor, Alderwood, Advanced Auto, Buffets, Seimens and many other companies, he has gained the respect that makes him an asset to any digital information solution.

Enviro-Scan Residential Testing

With over 25 years experience combined with top-level health training, our Enviro-Scan director enabled the success of many major projects nationally and internationally, including the recognition of the Governor General of Canada as well as the highest honor of the NATO in the field of medical support. Organizations such as the Health Services of the Canadian Forces, the St. John Ambulance and the Army of the Czech Republic have benefited from the expertise in project management, risk management, quality improvement, evaluation performance as well as in environmental health.

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From Abbott Laboratories Ltd. to ZOLL Canada, we offer from counselling to repairs. Our computer division will help answer all you IS and IT questions.

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TPSC Software

TPSC - Profile

The Patient Safety Company presents TPSC Cloud™; an online quality & risk management platform. The platform hosts custom cloud solutions for workflow management and process automation. Each solution improves current processes, manages risks and increases quality and patient safety in healthcare. Measure and optimize results for each stakeholder; patients, staff, management and even third parties.


The different solutions on the platform together form a complete quality and risk management system tailored to the needs of the organization. Some of our favorite solutions are Incident Management, Complaints Management and Improve 2.0 for continuous quality improvement.


Globally, hundreds of thousands healthcare professionals are using our software in more than 500 healthcare facilities.


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